NaNoWriMo—Training Lean, Mean, Writing Machines

Kristen Lamb, Warrior Writer, dishes out tough love for novel-writing month.

Best visual:

Our face could be purple and our boots coated in dirt and puke. Doesn’t matter. You’re at the top of the hill, and you can clean your boots later. Stop to clean your boots halfway up a hill and …”

NaNoWriMo—Training Lean, Mean, Writing Machines.


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Just read ‘Countering His Claim’ by Rachel Bailey – lovely!

Rachel Bailey’s latest ‘Countering his claim’ is a very satisfying read. Let me count all the great things about this story. I wanted Della, the doctor heroine, and Luke, the entrepreneur hero, to find their happy ending. Of course, how they were going to do this was murky, given their nicely opposed goals! They each have inherited half of a cruise ship. (What a great problem to have! How to split a fabulous inheritance.) Luke, the nephew of the deceased owner, expected to inherit it all and had plans to anchor it and run it as a hotel. Della, the ship’s doctor, convinces Luke, our smoldering hero, to spend time appreciating the ship as it cruises. We learn at just the right pace what motivates the heroine, making her independent and eager to rely only on herself, why she loves cruising and how she is selling herself short… The hero has his own challenges, not as daunting as Della’s, but enough when combined with his suspicions about the split inheritance, to give the book great tension. I think I’m not going to write a spoiler. Instead, I want to say that the book is sweet and hot, not at all raunchy. The adventures shipboard are  lovely.  I’ve not taken a cruise and the author made the activities and excursions sound great. I re-read the ending of the book from that black moment when Della leaves the ship, convinced they cannot find a way forward until Luke lures her back. It’s great. What a deft touch this author has.

[I also reviewed this on goodreads]

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New words for writers

The New Year is almost not new anymore. Along with thinking about new years, I’ve been thinking about new words.

A word that caught my attention about a year ago is lifehacker. I think it means someone who finds short cuts to take care of  life’s continuing problems and irritations. It seems to imply admiration and respect for the skill of neutralizing life’s challenges. It also seems to imply a person who hoards their time for the good stuff by hacking through crap quickly.

Do you have a clearer way to describe a lifehacker?

I’d love to hear about intriguing new words you’ve heard.

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Endorphin high from writing with NaNoWriMo

Palm tree makes me feel that I am on vacation.

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“I write like” Badge

I didn’t advance to the 2nd round of M&B New Voices, so I took the first pages of my submission for new voices and I fed it into “I write like” and this is what I got. I decided this is a worthy consolation prize, not exactly dark chocolate, but soothing.

Feedback from friends finds lots of Dan Brown-writers, fewer Gertrude Steins or Ernest Hemingways. What badge did you get?

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So Many Blogs, So Little Time

You might have a better system than I do for keeping up with the entrancing commentary that romance readers, writers, editors, agents, and librarians are posting.

Not shocking to report that this evening –wait I mean this morning, it’s now 2:07 AM — has sped by as I surfed from one dazzling site to the next.

Gems from this evening:

The 1,092 entries from Mills & Boons New Voices competition for unpublished writers that just closed this evening.

‘What makes a romance work? Uncertainty’ by Frankie Robertson.

‘Happy endings take work’ + ‘You must be the heroine of your own life’ from SB Sarah’s interview with Gayle King.

Julia London’s new website- cute video on a weekend of all writing all the time:

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Hello World of Romance Blogging!

Join me as I learn the craft of writing and enjoy the life of a story teller.

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