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Eclipsing Super Blue Moon

  The moon got a lot of attention at the end of last month. On the big day, I got up early to see that eclipse. It was neat, not dynamic but worth seeing. The big moment of supermoon beauty … Continue reading

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Profuse Apologies, Learn How-to!

I wish I knew how to make lavish, luxuriant, lush apologies that makes the person I’ve offended feel soothed, salved, and almost glad that I did that awkward apology-worthy thing. Here’s what I’m working with: Please let me apologize, I … Continue reading

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Baby steps

I never get around to making New Year’s resolutions. To make up for that I’m taking a  baby step today! I’m giving myself an easy thing to do: google physical activity. One study I found made me think about what … Continue reading

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Sitting Still Causes Death!

You know how something pops up all over the internet, something ordinary creates a dreadful condition. Over a year ago,  the shocker was sitting shortens your life! Here’s the bad hook-If you sit for more than six hours a day, … Continue reading

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NaNoWriMo—Training Lean, Mean, Writing Machines

Kristen Lamb, Warrior Writer, dishes out tough love for novel-writing month. Best visual: “Our face could be purple and our boots coated in dirt and puke. Doesn’t matter. You’re at the top of the hill, and you can clean your … Continue reading

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So Many Blogs, So Little Time

You might have a better system than I do for keeping up with the entrancing commentary that romance readers, writers, editors, agents, and librarians are posting. Not shocking to report that this evening –wait I mean this morning, it’s now … Continue reading

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