Baby steps

I never get around to making New Year’s resolutions. To make up for that I’m taking a  baby step today!

I’m giving myself an easy thing to do: google physical activity.

One study I found made me think about what causes what.

If losing weight does not come easily, you might appreciate this research on body mass (as measured by Body Mass Index) and physical activity.

Bear with me because like all good researchers, these guys qualified their findings.

The authors’ careful analysis suggests that higher body mass index causes a more sedentary life style.  That means that BMI is the chicken that creates the sedentary-life egg. So, having a higher BMI  does not appear to be caused by being glued to the coach. HA!

This means we don’t need to spend time angsting about a sedentary life style. It could be that not moving all that much is a result of your current BMI. Not definitive, but intriguing. Time to unload some guilt.

Obesity (2006) 14, 1462–1471; doi: 10.1038/oby.2006.166

Prospective Associations between Sedentary Lifestyle and BMI in Midlife*

Laust H. Mortensen*,, Ilene C. Siegler, John C. Barefoot,, Morten Grønbæk*and Thorkild I.A. Sørensen


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