So Many Blogs, So Little Time

You might have a better system than I do for keeping up with the entrancing commentary that romance readers, writers, editors, agents, and librarians are posting.

Not shocking to report that this evening –wait I mean this morning, it’s now 2:07 AM — has sped by as I surfed from one dazzling site to the next.

Gems from this evening:

The 1,092 entries from Mills & Boons New Voices competition for unpublished writers that just closed this evening.

‘What makes a romance work? Uncertainty’ by Frankie Robertson.

‘Happy endings take work’ + ‘You must be the heroine of your own life’ from SB Sarah’s interview with Gayle King.

Julia London’s new website- cute video on a weekend of all writing all the time:

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1 Response to So Many Blogs, So Little Time

  1. This page about famous poetry is insanely beautiful.. I love written emotions… Another blog i examine a bucket load is i think called Poetry-of .


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